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color laser toner cartridges Gone are the days when you had to choose an inkjet or color laser printer based on price alone.  Color laser printers are more affordable than ever, so you can decide whether to buy a color laser printer based on your printing needs.  While laser printers still cost more to purchase, they cost less to operate in the long run than inkjet printers.

A color laser printer typically uses a four step printing process for the colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.  These four toner colors can be combined in varying ratios to produce virtually any color.  The toner and developer technology used for color printing depends on the printer model.  Some printers have separate toner and developer units for each color on a single rotating wheel while others utilize a separate laser assembly, drum, and toner system for each color.  In either case, pressure and heat are used to transfer color toner to the paper as it moves past the drum(s).

color laser printer illustration The color laser printer is generally designed for higher print volumes and higher speeds than color inkjet printers.  If you wish to give your color documents a professional edge, then color laser printers are the way to go.  A good color laser printer can quickly produce sharp, colorful brochures, diagrams, stationery, and invoices.

When selecting a color printer, it is important to consider the expected printer life and the number of pages you expect to print per month.  Printer specifications typically include the cost to print each page (based on cost and expected life of a toner cartridge or ink cartridge), so you can quickly and easily estimate your expected printing costs for various printer models.  In some cases, it is worth considering color laser printers for small workgroups, rather than attaching inkjet printers to individual computers.

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Color Laser Printer Manufacturers

  • HP Color Laser Printers for Business
    This printer manufacturer offers a broad selection of color laser printers for business applications.  Browse and compare specifications of HP color LaserJet printers.
  • Lexmark Color Laser Printers
    This computer peripherals manufacturer offers several color laser printers and LED printers.
  • Xerox Color Printers
    This office equipment manufacturer offers color laser and solid ink printers for all types of users.
  • Brother Color Laser Printers
    This manufacturer offers a line of color laser printers that feature Brother's digital LED print technology.
  • Kyocera Document Solutions
    This office equipment manufacturer features a broad selection of monochrome, MICR, and color laser printers for workgroups.

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Color Laser Printer Guide - Color Laser Printing

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